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Takács Quartet

Wigmore Hall, 7-Nov-2019 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 5-Nov-2019 / 19:30

The quartet and pianist Garrick Ohlsson performed 5 Improvisations Op. 148 and Piano Quintet Op. 67 by Amy Beach, Elgar's May Song, Serenade for piano and Piano Quintet in A minor Op. 84 at the Wigmore Hall on the 17th of May 2019.

Wigmore Hall, 15-May-2019 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 9-Nov-2018 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 7-Nov-2018 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 21-May-2018 / 19:30

Recital with violaist Louise Williams and cellist Pál Banda

The above concert was also performed on the 19th.

Wigmore Hall, 13-Nov-2017 / 19:30

Recital with violaist Louise Williams

About the quartet

The Takács Quartet consisting of Edward Dusinberre and Károly Schranz on violins, Geraldine Walther on viola and András Fejér on cello is in residence at the University of Colorado and are Associate Artists at the Wigmore Hall. Hence the number of concerts at the latter venue.

Wigmore Hall, 12-Nov-2017 / 19:30

  • Mozart: String Quartet in D major K575 (Prussian)
  • Carl Vine: New work (European première)
  • Brahms: String Quartet No. 3 in B flat major Op. 67

Wigmore Hall, 5-Feb-2017 / 19:30

  • The Takács Quartet’s first violinist Edward Dusinberre and his colleagues passed on their insights into Beethoven’s art to two postgraduate student ensembles.

The Quartet played all 16 Beethoven's string quartets and Grosse Fuge Op. 133 between the 3rd of February 2017 and the 17th of May 2017 in a series of 6 concerts at the Wigmore Hall.

Wigmore Hall, 17-May-2017

Wigmore Hall, 15-May-2017





Wigmore Hall, 16-May-2016 / 19:30

Recital with violaist Lawrence Power

Wigmore Hall, 14-May-2016 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 3-Feb-2016 / 19:30

Recital with pianist Aleksandar Madžar

Wigmore Hall, 1-Feb-2016 / 19:30

Queen Elizabeth Hall, 18-May-2015 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 2-Feb-2015 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 31-Jan-2015 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 10-Nov-2014 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 9-Nov-2014 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 12-May-2014 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 10-May-2014 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 25-Feb-2014 / 19:30

Recital with Double bassist Graham Mitchell

The above programme was repeated at the same venue on the 23rd.

Wigmore Hall, 11-Nov-2013 / 13:00

Wigmore Hall, 10-Nov-2013 / 19:30

Recital with Lawrence Power

Their Decca recording of Bartók's 'Six String Quartets' won the 1998 Gramophone Award for Best Chamber Music Recording.

Wigmore Hall, 10-May-2013 / 19:30

Recital with cellist Ralph Kirshbaum