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Wigmore Hall, 31-Oct-2018 / 19:30


Taking the name of a toccata composed by 'Girolamo Kapsberger', a German composer born in Italy, Christina Pluhar sets the tone presiding over the destiny of the vocal and instrumental ensemble l'Arpeggiata she founded in 2000. L'Arpeggiata brings together artists from diverse musical backgrounds for projects cleverly concocted by Christina Pluhar according to musicological research, artists meetings, curiosity and talent. The sound of the ensemble, formed around plucked instruments is immediately identifiable.

Wigmore Hall, 1-Dec-2017 / 19:30

Christina Pluhar - Director, Giuseppina Bridelli - Mezzo-soprano

Wigmore Hall, 21-Dec-2015 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 10-Jul-2014 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 21-Mar-2014 / 19:30

Wigmore Hall, 10-Oct-2013 / 19:30

In 2009, Núria Rial, vocalist of L'Arpeggiata, won the ECHO Klassik Award for Young Female Artist of the Year.